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Though Lauren and Shane both know the girls' secret, Karmy have still got everyone else on " Faking It " fooled, and though their friendship has hit a few small bumps along the way, everything seems to be coming up roses for the time being. So how have a couple of BFFs who were recently obscure to the student body pulled off such a stunt? Then there is the recreational world, where golf remains the preserve of men and women do less exercise. The veneration of conventionality has always been the way of school life, stultifying for so many of us, but gender stereotyping and segregation in sport continues to be completely unacknowledged. Childcare and domestic work. Gender stereotyping never looked so unoriginal.

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Darcie, from Monmouthshire in Wales, has reportedly been told by PE teachers that she cannot play football as a recommended sport at school.

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A 13-year-old girl is a ‘lesbian’ if she plays football? Some things don’t change

Go big for the reveal: Gender stereotyping never looked so unoriginal. And so far, so good. Here are five tips we've taken away from watching Amy and Karma seize the "class couple" title -- check 'em out, and keep watching "Faking It" Tuesday nights at Topics Women Wide awoke.

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